New Wave was a full branding project. Working with my client, his goal was to create a new movement of clothing. To start something new, a new wave. Below is the UX design of the site. The plan was to show them what they can do using external programs such as Wix and Squarespace. I researched and found examples of other brands that has a similar look design wise. I complied all of those into a mood board and created the mock up version of the site below.
Working at Farm Bureau, I have had the opportunity to challenge my design skills. I have showed interest in the web field for awhile now, and when that time came, I was able to create a lot of the products needed for our brand. Farm Bureau uses a third party company to develop most of our websites. Since our websites are more complex, we did not know what the process should be for our agent website redesign. I offered to mock up the website using Muse. Muse is a website builder that helps designers create simple sites for their clients. I used that program to show more of the things that we could do with out brand. Therefore we save some time on building the full site. 
Some days, I have slow days. I find myself searching at companies and how I could improve their brand. National Vending is a vending company here in Iowa. Their brand has been around for awhile, so I figured, why not try and recreate something for fun. The reason I took on this challenge, was because it's a special field. You don't re-brand a vending company everyday. So this was a fun project, but a challenging one.
If you liked these projects, make sure to check out the logos and animation section. You will find the above logos, and how they were animated for video and social purposes. 
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